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The Platte County Democratic Central Committee is governed by officers and members elected every even year during the August primary.  The Central Committee’s Mission is to foster involvement in the Democratic Party, promote Democratic principles and to recruit and elect Democratic candidates in the county, state and nation.

Platte County Democratic Central Committee Bylaws

Constitution and Bylaws of the Democratic Party of Missouri

Committee Person Sub-District Email
Jamie Johnson 12-1
Marc Slavin 12-1
Tara Bennett 12-2
Daniel Scharpenburg 12-2
Female – Open 12-3  
Male – open 12-3  
Paula Willmarth 12-4
Ed Casey 12-4
Female – open 12-5  
Garrett Jacobson 12-5
Meredith Peace – Chair 13-1
Male – open 13-1  
Female – open 13-2  
Male – Open 13-2  
Female – Open 13-3  
Male – Open 13-3  
Female – Open 13-4  
Keith Stutterheim 13-4
Alice Wadsworth 14-1
Male – open 14-1  
Dawn Dolbee 14-2
Male – Open 14-2  
Female – open 14-3  
Male – open 14-3  
Rita McGuire 14-4
John Kirchmeier -Treasurer 14-4
Female – open 14-5  
David Christian 14-5


Join The Platte County Democratic Central Committee

To fill an open seat in your district please email or attend any Central Committee Meeting.

The history of the Platte County Democratic Central Committee has been preserved in two records books that started in 1902.  They include minutes of the monthly meetings and descriptions of events and activities.  These books have been donated to the Platte County Historical Society and will be available to the public upon request.

Before the books were donated,  a list of highlights and important events was complied.  This document also contains a list of PCDCC chairpersons from 1902 to the present.  The list is available here.

Scans were made of some interesting entries from 1902 to 1985 and are available for viewing here.

Note that the minutes are not complete and are being updated.

Click here to find your 2022 district.

Or call Platte County Board of Elections at 816-858-4400