Martin T. Rucker II is known across Missouri for toughness, teamwork, and accomplishing the extraordinary. For many, his accolades on the gridiron would be a lifetime of achievement; for Rucker, they are just the beginning. Today, Martin Rucker is answering a call to serve that stems from his city, his family, and his faith, and running for State Senate in Missouri’s 34th District.

Rucker grew up in St. Joseph, Missouri, where his parents served on various community boards, and his father was a State Representative of the 29th District. Martin’s loving family and enriching childhood home helped him to foster a strong faith, a broad awareness of the plight of others, and, sensing his own fortune, a desire to make the lives of those around him better. A true civil servant, Rucker embodies firm belief in the power one person can have in their community, and the responsibility placed on those of great ability to lift up their neighbors.